Sunday, November 25, 2012

IOD Masterpiece 36

We're officially into the holiday season. Jenny and Sean attack it at full force with a movie review of Christmas Vacation, updates on our Thanksgiving shenanigans, how to enjoy the holidays in the next few weeks, the Holiday Ale Fest is next week, Lists of Excellence, American Horror Story vs Fake Porn quotes quiz, iCarly ends, Sean learns what iCarly is, and delicious beers from Firestone Walker and Douglas Remington. A big thanks to Main Brew and to you for your support and ears.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

IOD Masterpiece 35

Join us as we jump into a time warp with our guests Jack (Sean's dad) and Beach (man of the world) as they share stories from when life was a bit different. They bring you tales of wooing women, the early days of Portland's bar scene, and bicker like grumpy old men. On top of that Jenny and Sean tear down Black Thursday, discuss the greatness of Joe Walsh on Live From Daryl's House, the deliciousness that is Deschutes Abyss, a question for Jenny and our trivia challenge, and Coney Island Hot Dogs rule! A special thanks to Mediocre Show and Mainbrew! Thanks for listening and release the curds! (Our apologies for the fluctuations in audio. Our guests were new to the microphones)

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

IOD Masterpiece 34

4 more Beers! 4 more Beers! Oh wait, we're not a political show. So
today was all about the sport of Curling as we had Sean #2 on to tell
us all about the glory of this Olympic Event. I'm not even joking.
We want to go to do this. We also did our usual stuff with a tough
question for Jenny, trivia challenge, musical artists whose sound was
ruined by the 80's, Angry Birds Star Wars Edition, Walking Dead is
Awesome, Rihanna on SNL looked like an old Scandal video, NEVER sneeze
with your mouth shut, and you can now get stoned at a gay wedding in
Washington. Thanks again to our friends at and thanks
for listening.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

IOD Masterpiece 33

We can barely remember the last time we went solo with no guests. While we love having guests to chat with, it was fun to do it like in the olden days and just talk about stuff. We had out trivia challenge, a tough question for Jenny, Lists of Excellence, the impact of Disney buying Star Wars, was it Joe Biden or Michael Scott, November holidays, Cusack does Limbaugh, Orajel creeps Sean out, throat tickle noises, Louis CK does SNL, FUN is not a power trio, Goodbye to Bourdain (for now), covered a few good movies and our favorite tv series for the week, at one point we literally lose control of our functions in a fit of laughter, and lots more I forgot to write down. We drank many good beers from Double Mountain, Old Schoolyard, New Belgium's Lips of Faith series, and Stone Brewers. A huge thanks to our friends at Thanks for listening.

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