MAIN STREET HOME BREW - You're one stop shopping for home brewing supply/ingredients/help, wine/mead/hard cider/soda/cheese making, extensive bottle shop, beer growler fills, and keg purchases.  

DAVID DANIEL - CNN Entertainment reporter and all around good guy.  Be sure to check out #AskDavidAnything.  He appears on nearly ever even numbered episodes.  

ROSE CITY ROLLERS ROLLER DERBY - The best sport in town.

DAWN TAYLOR - Veteran podcaster, writer, critic, and... technical advisor.  Go have a listen for yourself.  Or catch her on Ham Fisted Radio.  Episode 25

TODD WERKHOVEN - Storyteller, do-gooder, notebook craftsman, and all around great guy.  You can also listen to Todd at the Mark & Toddcast website.  

EDUARDO "LALO" BELAUNZARAN - For the best Mezcal around.  Episode 23

MATT CLUTHE - You heard him play live on our show.  Go check out his music and support this talented musician.   First appearance was Episode 24 and followed by many more.

LET'S GET LOST - A fantastic band out of Seattle who sort of blew our socks off.  I kinda have a feeling about them.  Let's watch them go big.  Episode 29

RICK EMERSON - A Radio/Podcast legend, author, and vault of pop culture knowledge.  Episode 30

#PDXBeerGeeks - Your local hub for all things beer in PDX and elsewhere.  Episodes 31 & 40

ANDREW HILL - This Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist will get your body back into proper working order.  Go check out his scientific magic.  Episode 45

KATHLEEN YOUNG - Foodie, Cook/Chef, and Food Blogger.  Go check out her blog and share her passion for the world of food.  Episode 46

MT. TABOR BREWING - A local craft brewery making some delicious beers just north of the Columbia River. Episode 48

TILLAMOOK CHEESE FACTORY - If we need to explain the greatness of this cheese, you haven't been listening.  #ReleaseTheCurds  Episode 49

ROSE CITY SCHOOL OF BURLESQUE - You heard Zora Phoenix and Fannie Fuller on our show.  You should go check them out if you have that itch to learn more about the art of the reveal.  And if nothing else, go see a show.    Episode 50

SNOWBLIND TRAVELER - Absolutely mesmerizing songcrafting.  You won't be disappointed in picking up some music from this super talent.    Episode 51.5

FENCES FOR FIDO - A fantastic charity that provides a little personal space for dogs who need some space.  Please support this cause!  Episode 53

RICK FRIEL - A man who knows and loves his Rock N Roll.  Check out his blog where he reviews some past and present masterpieces. Episodes 54, 79, 93, 145 & 203

MICHAEL KURTZ - One of the masterminds behind National Record Store Day.    Episode 55

PATRICK BERTOLETTI - Ranked 2nd internationally in the world of Competitive Eating, Food Truck operator, YouTube sensation, and lover of food.    Episode 58

LISA MORRISON aka The Beer Goddess - Maybe you've heard her on KXL's Beer O'Clock (now off the air), maybe you've read her book "Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest", maybe you've bumped into her at nearly any beer function, or ran into her at Belmont Station.  Either way, she's sweet as pie and you're go to person for Northwest beer news.    Episode 56

CRAIG NICHOLLS - Brewmaster, local beer legend, very cool guy, and co-organizer of the North American Organic Brewers Festival.  Episodes 65, 177, and 231

MELISSA BOOKER - The best Techie in the west.  If I had 1/10th of her brain, this website would be smokin' hot.  

D. JACOB RYALS - Go check out fellow podcaster at BCX Radio.    Episode 67

JACKIE WEISSMAN - Producer, director, and most other things of her fantastic documentary, Rock N Roll Mama's.  Go check out this excellent film.    Episode 72

BRIAN LACY - We need bees.  Brian knows all about them.  Go take a look at his site and get involved in setting up your own hive or just get to know all about the importance of our little winged friends.    Episode 75

JETTY STUTZMAN - Sure, she's Sean's sister, but she also has the coolest job ever… a Hollywood make up and hair stylist.  Just take a look at that resume.    Episode 70

ERIC OLSEN - Local guitar legend (Poison Idea, Mayhem, Levon Levan, Six Foot Underground, Vodka Wilson Overdrive), Oregon Music Hall of Fame inductee, storyteller, and a really nice guy.   Episodes 83, 167, & 245

PRESTON WEESNER - Oregon is full of beer festivals, but one of the greatest of all is the Holiday Ale Festival.  You can thank this man for it's greatness.   Episodes 85 &139

GARRETT MacLEESE - Owner of Kell's Brewpub and ancestor of the infamous Kell's legacy.  A beautiful establishment with good food and beers.    Episode 97

OREGON PUBLIC HOUSE - Pete Servine and his friends have created the country's first non-profit pub.  Every proceed from your beer or food purchase goes to the charity of your choice.  Go be a part of it. Episode 95

MELISSA DELZIO - The creator of Our Portland Story has brought Portlanders something wonderful.  Go check out this incredible project.  Episode 93

AARON TROTTER - The creator and artist behind Illustrated Playing Cards.  These make a great gift for your beer drinking or city loving friends.    Episode 87

OREGON PARANORMAL - Who ya gonna call?  Seriously, these people know there stuff when it comes to figuring the hauntings.  Episode 105

OREGON GARDEN BREWFEST - Go visit a great beer festival in one of the prettiest settings.  Episode 107

BAD PARENTING PODCAST - Justin and Jodi love to talk about the hazards and nightmares of trying to be the best parents you can be.  Episode 113

FULL SAIL BREWING CO. - One of Oregon's oldest and most well established craft breweries.  It's always worth the trip to Hood River to go see them.    Episode 115

LOMPOC BREWING CO. - One of Portland's premier craft breweries.  They kick out some great rotational IPA's, barrel aged beers, and their Side Bar is one of the coolest places in town to enjoy a beer.  Episode 117

DESCHUTES BREWERY - Makers of some of the finest beers on the planet, including The Abyss, Black Butte Reserve, Mirror Mirror, etc.  Located in beautiful Bend and not too shabby NW Portland.  Episode 119

CHRIS CRABB - The mastermind behind some of PDX's local craft beer events.  If it's happening, she knows all about it.  Episode 121

REVEREND NAT'S HARD CIDER - Cider has become one with Portland's beer scene and Nat is doing it as good as anyone.  Go check out the tasting room or grab a bottle at one of your favorite bottle shops.    Episode 123

EX NOVO BREWING COMPANY - What's so special about Ex Novo?  Besides the fact that they make great beer?  How about the fact that they are a non-profit brewery?   That's right!  You go drink one of their fantastic pints and the proceeds go to a great charity.  Episode 125

WHO AM I TO STOP IT - Filmmakers Cheryl Green and Cynthia Lopez bring us a documentary about three individuals moving forward in the aftermath of experiencing brain injury.  To steal their tagline... a documentary film on isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury.  Episode 137

J.D. DICKEY - Author of Empire of Mud: The Secret History of Washington D.C.  And he knows his beer and likes Wilco.    Episode 141

PEACOCK LANE - Perhaps the oldest Christmas tradition in Portland. Head on out each December for a holiday walk through one of Portland's most lit up streets.  Episode 143

MIKE SAVOIA - Go check out the insane photography from Iron Mike.  It's not just Rock N Roll, but he sure is good at it.  Episode 155

GREG JAMES - A great local actor who you might have seen in Wild, Star Drunk, or Combat Report.  Episode 159

EVIL TWIN PODCAST - Thad and Brad tackle topics with a hands on approach and bring some funny while doing so.  Episode 165

NIKI GANONG -  Author of The Field Guide To Drinking In America: A Traveler's Handbook To State Liquor Laws will keep you informed on the ins and outs of drinking while touring the U.S.A.  Episode 169

JAMIE NOVA - Lead vocalist and songwriter for Jamie Nova Sky & Witchburn.  You may have heard her with Hell's Belle's.  She definitely brings the Rock!  Episode 169

COIN TOSS BREWING - One of Portland's youngest breweries is jumping right in with some delicious beers and they bring it with some history.  Episode 171

BEFORE NOON PRESENTS: THE HAPPY BREWSHACK FUN TIME SHOW - Chad Graham is one funny guy and great film maker.  You'll laugh at his YouTube shorts.  And... he knows his beers. Episode 175 (first appearance)

STEVEN SHOMLER - Writer, Beer Guy, Wine Guy, Food Cart Guy, Owner of Most URL's Guy.  And nice guy.  Go check him out.  Episode 183

CRAIG GASS - Comedian, Impressionist, Actor, Entertainer... and funny as shit!  Episode 186

PDX BREW CITY - Record breakers, beer drinkers, writers, and historians. Episode 187

VERTIGO BREWING - One of Hillsboro's finest breweries. Episode 193

THE LATE NOW - Leo Daedalus hosts Portland's live late night talk show full of comedy, live guests, live music performances, and error.  Episode 197

THE MARK & TODDCAST - Mark and Todd take you on a very sciency ride with their podcast of truthy things.  Episode 201

DANNY NEWCOMB & THE SUGARMAKERS - What a great band, and bunch of musicians.  Do what you can to see them live.  Episode 203

FERNANDO VICICONTE - One of Portland's legendary singer/songwriters.  A 2016 Oregon Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.  Episode 229

OLD TOWN BREWING - What other beer establishment has a history of underground tunnels and ghosts?  They have two locations serving their very own beer and legendary pizza.  Episode 225

ERIK HORNGREN - Our resident expert on composting and recycling.  You can also find him at Columbia Springs. Episode 213

RED FANG - One of Portland's heaviest.  Red Fang brings the ROCK and slaps you right in the face.  Check out their videos for a few laughs while your ears get beaten down. Episode 235

SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS - Or SCOTS as their hardcore fans know them.  A personal favorite band of Sean's.  With songs like "Too Much Pork For Just One Fork" and "My House Has Wheels", this Trailer Park Rock outfit will hook you pronto. Episode 235

PORTLAND FRESH HOPS FESTIVAL - Fresh hops are a must for any Hophead.  Get them as fresh as possible right here. Episode 235

SALLIE FORD - Local Singer/Songwriter mixes it up.  Just try to put her in a box.  I dare you. Episode 254

OREGON CRAFT BEER - aka The Oregon Brewer's Guild.  Your one stop shopping for everything you need to know about the Oregon craft beer industry. Episode 255

CASCADE BREWING - Sour Beers anyone?  These are some of the best.  Go check them out at Cascade Barrel House or Raccoon Lodge.  Episode 257

GARDEN HOME GROWLERS - Allen Tyler had a dream, and he made it happen.  Go check out this cozy taproom.  Episode 261

THE SIX FOOT UNDERGROUND - You might know them from our "Cool People Are Dead" segment.  Troy, Eric, Andy, & Doug have one of the best Rock & Roll stories you probably never heard of.  

DAVID GADLIN - Bringing us such wonderful treats from Study of Sweets and Dave's Meat & Nuts.   Ep 272

ROSE CUP RACES - One of Portland's oldest and more fun racing traditions out at PIR.  There's always something going on out there.  Ep 275

PRO AERIAL LEAGUE - Your go to for Drone Racing.  Ep 275

BREWFEST IN THE PARK - Kicking off Portland's large beer festivals each summer! Ep 273

CIDER SUMMIT PDX - Perhaps Portland's largest cider gathering?  Ep 273

CHEERS TO BELGIAN BEERS - A celebration of Belgian Beers.  Local brewers come together bringing out the best with Belgian yeast.  Brought to you by Oregon Craft Beer (aka the Oregon Brewer's Guild).  Ep 271

ALEX QUADE - Be sure to check out here fantastic documentary, Danger Close, focusing on a female reporter embedded with our military's elite forces.  Ep 267

And MANY more to come...