6/19/2016 - In One Day Radio is excited to announce that our Something To Do segment is now it's own show.  Each month, just before the beginning of a new month, we will release an episode of Something To Do in order for you to give a listen and make plans for the month.  Many of the events are on our events page, but some aren't.  So give a listen.  You can find episodes on this website or on iTunes and Stitcher.

6/19/2016 - In One Day Radio is definitely beer-centric, but we now have a sister show that is 100% beer.  Go take a listen to the Portland Beer Club Podcast where you can hear beer geeks talk about their favorite beers, breweries, home brewing ideas, Top  6 Lists, and share bottles of their favorite beers while chatting.  Go to www.portlandbeerclubpodcast.com for more information.

6/15/2015 - A great read.

10/4/2014 - As we move into the holiday season, don't forget to utilize our Amazon link to the right.  Just one click, make your picks just as you normally would, and you help us make this show even better.  

2/17/2014 - If you take a little looksie on our homepage, you'll see a banner ad for ABV Taproom.  Our friends at Mainbrew have gone and opened up one of the best damn taprooms I've been to.  The tap list is amazing.  The burger was out of this world.  The ambience is everything a beer room should be.  They have a massive selection of bottled beers that you can either take or open right there.  Growler fills.  Mead!  Damn!  It just doesn't stop.  Go check them out.  

10/9/2013 - Just a reminder that you can now listen to In One Day Radio episodes on your smart phones using Stitcher.  No eating up your phone's storage.  Pause it, leave it, and finish listening later.  Thousands of podcasts almost a good as ours.  Go check it out.  

10/9/2013 - This Friday, October 11th @ 6:00 p.m., Adam Carolla (The Man Show, The Adam Carolla Show, Crank Yankers, The Hammer) will be stopping by our friends and sponsors at Mainbrew to sign bottles of Mangria.  If you listened to Episode 81 you know Mangria is delicious.  

6/24/2013 - As heard on Episode 65, you must go hit this great beer festival.  Jenny and Sean will try to be down there on Thursday, 6/27.

1/6/2013 - As mention in Episode 42, we have switched rooms for our studio.  Here's a few pics inside Orange You Glad It's Bigger.  Goodbye Bluedio.

11/6/2012 - Some more IOD Radio DIY for you...

10/29/2012 - From yesterday's Episode 32 session.  Douglas Remington hanging out with Radio.

And of course here's another friendly IOD Radio - DIY suggestion for you... Footmops!

10/8/2012 - A little IOD DIY

9/20/2012 - I'm not sure if you noticed, but I (Sean) have merged two of my older projects, Portland Beer Club and ABC'S2PDX, here on the IOD website.  The PBC page is a Beer Directory for all your PDX/Oregon Craft Beer needs.  The Event Calendar will let you know what's going on around town.  I'm just one man and trying to maintain three different websites was draining me.  Besides, Jenny and I talk about this stuff all the time so why not join forces.  Enjoy!

9/17/2012 - The show is definitely building steam.  We want to thank each and every one of you who is listening and spreading the word.  We also want to thank our guests who have come on the show so far.  You are a big piece to our success and we love making new friends.  And finally, a big thank to Mainbrew for their ongoing support of this show.  Be sure to check out our VIP page and go support our guests.  Prost!

8/20/2012 - If you didn't know IOD is on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and coming soon to Instagram.  Be sure to link up to us so you don't miss a thing.  And make sure you subscribe to us on iTunes so you don't miss an episode.