Sunday, August 26, 2012

IOD Masterpiece 23

If there ever was an episode that went from "Hey, we're in total control" to "Hey, give me another shot of that," this is it! No fancy openings, hardly any of our normal "stuff". We just going going when our guest showed up and it just went bonkers from there. We made a new best friend today. Lalo came on to expand our minds and palettes with the world of Mezcal. What a great guy!!! Listen, learn, and then go run out and learn about the deliciousness of Mezcal. Then go home and take a nap. And yes, of course we opened up the show with some delicious beers from our friends at Main St. Homebrew and, as always, a big shout out to our friends, The Twangshifters!!! You can find out more about Lalo's Mezcal at . Thanks for listening and tell a friend or three.

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