Sunday, September 16, 2012

IOD Masterpiece 26

Beer... Mead... Beer... Mead... Mead. That's kinda how today's show
went. You've heard us talk about Main St. Homebrew for so long, and
today we get Douglas Remington from Mainbrew on the show. Not only
did they set us up with delicious Elysian pumpkin beers and Boneyard's
Femme Fatale, but Douglas gave us a solid background on Mead, as well
as plenty of the good stuff to taste. Jenny and Sean also talked
about their great night at Amnesia Brewing where we met some new
friends including #PDXBeerGeeks who #releasedthecurds, Portland says
goodbye to Obo Addy, we presented our new theme song for the show,
we're officially half a year old, SNL's Weekend Update destroyed the
seasoner opener, Breaking Amish could be great, we introduced new
members into the Lists of Excellence, Leonard Cohen talks too much,
and what was up with Dave Matthews on Jimmy Kimmel. A big thanks to
Main St. Homebrew and thanks for listening!

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