Sunday, December 2, 2012

IOD Masterpiece 37

We love our guests. We've been pretty blessed with some outstanding guests on this show. What makes it even better is we consider them friends, more than guests. Today Cynthia Lopez and Juvie Hall return to talk more Roller Derby and their upcoming documentary Flat Track Around The World. Even though Juvie was sick as a dog, she toughed it out to stick to her commitment to show up (she could have totally called in sick). And they brought us friggin' SWAG! Such great people! Aside from that Jenny gives a briefing on her night with the Boss, Sean's also sick and has a buggy eyeball, a trivia challenge, a tough question for Jenny, Sean's sadness with the Holiday Ale Festival, the hierarchy of grocery stores, another new podcast discovery, bad hot sauces, and we wrap it up with a classic Christmas piece from Paul Simon and Steve Martin from SNL. A huge thanks to our guests, our great friends at Main Brew, and to you for listening. Today's featured beers include Boneyard's Backbone Espresso Stout, Midnight Sun's Cohoho IIPA, and Oakshire's Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter. As always... release the curds, Mkay?

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