Sunday, March 24, 2013

IOD Masterpiece 53 - A New Year

We made a great new friend today. Nadya from Fences For Fido joined us to talk about the great charity she works with. All dog lovers should listen and get involved. We also cheered the reports of Leno leaving late night, Prince is coming to the Roseland at the cost of your child's soul, My Chemical Romance break up and nobody seems too concerned, Twinkies are back to destroy your arteries, Jenny gives Sean a 90's lyrics quiz, Chupacabra vs Alamo was a debatable disaster, face meat tacos, Sean blows it at Roller Derby, Amazon gets into the tv biz, and there's some great music coming up this week on late night tv. Thanks as always to, Nadya for speaking with us, and to you for encouraging us to keep going.

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