Sunday, April 7, 2013

IOD Masterpiece 55 - Vinyl, Beer, & Friends

Today is National Beer Day, so obviously we drank a lot of that. But even more importantly was our interview with Michael Kurtz of National Record Store Day (April 20th) to talk about how vinyl may just save the music industry. To top it all off, we were also joined by our friend Matt Cluthe (stick around till the very end to hear his Cluthe/Lee song, London Dream). We also give a review to the fantastic John Denver tribute album, National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month, Bird flu vs North Korea, Tarantulas the size of your face, Melissa McCarthy is SNL's lifeline, a sad goodbye to Roger Ebert and his Top 10 Worst Movies, and all our usual stuff. A big thanks to, Michael Kurtz, Matt Cluthe, and you for tuning in and listening.

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