Sunday, February 9, 2014

IOD Episode 99 - Snow & Ice & All Things Nice

So, this little snow and ice storm we've endured for the past few days had an impact. Jenny joins us by Skype while Marcus hiked nearly 3 miles to join us. Yes, it turns into a drunk show, but we seemed to have mastered this. And hang in to listen to Jenny's daughter Thea give us a wrap up of how the weather impacts a thirteen year old girl's life.

A Mediocre Bowl wrap up,
McGruff goes to jail,
Cow farts are a fire hazard,
Sasquatch lineups announced,
Cannibals are all over the place,
Don't become a hoarder and how to avoid it,
Jeff Tweedy coming to Parks & Rec,
And Fallon takes over.

Show Beer was Sierra Nevada's Narwhal Imperial Stout. Pre-Show Beer was Victory's Storm King Imperial Stout. And let's just be honest... there was a lot more beers on today's show.

A big thanks to Marcus for making the hike, Jenny for figuring out science, Mainbrew for their support, and you for your ear balls.

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