Wednesday, July 19, 2017

And that's a wrap...

The time has come to turn wind things down with In One Day Radio.  Episode 278 was the final episode.  Trust me, it was a good decision with no hard feelings, resentments, or regrets... as all things should end.

A deep and hearty thank you to Jenny for helping me create this beast and co-host for nearly five years.

Thank you to all the Guest Co-Hosts; Lisa Scarpelli, Marcus Heckel, Todd Werkhoven, Justin Albrecht, Rebecca Yazzie, Pete Servine, and the rest.  Your contributions and last minute save shall not be forgotten.

Many thanks to Chris Crabb for helping us feel so welcome in the Portland Craft Beer Community.

So many thanks to Kevin, Andrew, and especially Lynn at Mainbrew Homebrew Supplies and ABV Public House.  And while he came in at the last minute to support us, a big thank you to David Gadlin at Study of Sweets and Dave's Meat & Nuts.

I wish I could wish every guest that sat in our little studio and shared their world with us.  Many of them because personal friends and that might just be the best thing that came out of this show.

Thank you to anybody who listened.  I was continuously amazed at how many people would say, "oh yeah... I've heard your show!"

Thank you is too small a phrase to offer CNN's David Daniel.  Somehow he found us and threw out the idea to hop along every even numbered show.  He was with us since Episode 48 bringing us box office numbers, Hollywood inside scoop, a lot of laughs, and some Pop Culture magic.

A final thank you to Rick Emerson.  Had he not entertained for all these years, bringing so many of us together, I would have never been sitting at a table at the Blitz Ladd on his last day of broadcasting, soaking my sorrows in a beer along with other listeners when Jenny and I conjured up this idea.

While In One Day Radio has been tucked away, please go check out my other podcast, Portland Beer Club Podcast, with Farmhouse Marcus and Brewshack Chad.  It's an online bottle share where we chat about Craft Beer, Home Brewing, and have a lot of laughs doing it.