Sunday, October 27, 2013

IOD Masterpiece 84 - It's About Time

It was a big day for our friend David Daniel from CNN as he walks out of a press junket for About Time and right into out ears. We also talk about tv shows that made the fall cut versus those that didn't do so well.

The state of Oregon gets it wrong all over again (OLCC),
Pearl Jam week on Jimmy Fallon,
Movember and other raisings of awareness,
Cancer sucks,
Chris Brown is hitty again,
5K's and Bike Rides suck,
and Dracula bites.

Cool People Are Dead, Tough Questions, In Your Facebook, Smart Wars, and Birthday Shout Outs.

Show beer was 9 lb Porter by Georgetown Brewery brought to us by Mainbrew.

A special thanks to David Daniel, Mainbrew, and your open ears.

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