Sunday, November 3, 2013

IOD Episode 85 - Big Beer

There's beer, and then there's BEER. I'm talking the dark, high ABV, chocolatey, coffee tinged, molassesy infused, malty, deliciousness known as the winter beers. And that brings us to the Holiday Ale Festival. Today we talk to Preston Weesner who spearheads the Holiday Ale Festival. It's coming up the first weekend of December, so you want to hear our conversation with him and get all the details. He's a cool dude who shares his love of beer with us.

Norway is crazy for knitting,
SNL is questioned on their diversity,
A hot sauce is challenged.

Tough Questions,
In Your Facebook,
Smart Wars,
& Birthday Shout Outs.

Show beer is a blend of Boneyard's Hop Venom and Sasquatch Brewing's Hairy Knuckle Stout.

A huge thanks to Preston Weesner, Mainbrew, and your souls.

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